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Abstract Structure

Hi, I'm Dayna.

I am a registered psychologist (Registered to practice in Alberta #3595) and a Certified Professional Life Coach. I have over 20 years of experience as a Psychologist. My passion and mission in life is to help people create amazing relationships that are grounded in love, safety & security, validation, growth, and having each other’s back, always!
I help my couples understand each other on a deep level by mastering each other’s owner’s manual. When we understand both our own blueprint and our partners, life becomes much easier! My clients experience growth both individually and in their relationships.

I focus on 4 types of relationships:

  1. The one you have with yourself

  2. The one you have with your partner (couple, marriage)

  3. The one you have with your kids

  4. The one you have with everyone else in your life (friends, extended family, co-workers)


My Philosophy is simple- We all do better in connected and secure relationships.  My mission is to get you there.  

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