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Services for Couples

Couples come to me in times of terrible despair—often when they are certain their relationship is over or damaged beyond repair. Others come because they are so frustrated, they can't stop arguing about small seemingly stupid stuff or they feel chronically disconnected and isolated. Others come in to enhance their relationship and gain deeper understanding of each other. Whatever the reason, I can help.

Services for Individuals

Individuals come to me seeking relief from a variety of challenges including overwhelming or unending loss of direction and meaning in life, low self-esteem, job dissatisfaction, sadness, anxiety, loss, a stressful or traumatic event or difficulty with an important relationship. Ultimately people come to find out how to feel happy, whole, successful, capable and loved. Together we figure out the blueprint of how to get you there.

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Some of the Issues I help Individuals Through Include:

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Anxiety

  • Clarity in life’s direction/meaning and purpose

  • Family of origin issues/relationships (childhood and current)

  • Helping them find healthy, secure relationships with themselves and others

  • After relationships/ Attachment issues

  • Work related struggles and direction

  • Processing the loss of a relationship and rebuilding the self

(Psychotherapy is for clients located in Alberta. All other locations go to Relationship Coaching page and booking)

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Some of the Issues I help Couples Through Include:

  • Affair(s)

  • Distance/Disconnection

  • Fighting/Criticism

  • Creating healthy boundaries

  • Managing 3rds (ex-spouses, families of origin, friends, kids)

  • Addiction/substance use

  • Parenting Conflicts

  • Poor Communication

  • Pre-Marital Therapy

  • Preparation for change (baby, job, move, illness)

  • Separation/Break-up/Divorce

  • Sexual difficulties

  • Deal breakers

  • Issues related to polyamory and open relationships

  • Conflict resolution

  • Rebuilding trust, safety and security

  • Strengthening healthy relationships

  • Repairing and soothing each other

  • Helping partners create a couple bubble (having each other back & understanding each other on deep level)

Psychotherapy is for clients located in Alberta. All other locations go to Relationship Coaching page and booking

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