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Relationship Coaching

I’m thrilled to offer the opportunity to work with me as your Transformational Relationship Coach. I will work you collaboratively, authentically and results driven. I work with all kinds of relationships.  Whether you’re an individual struggling in the dating world, a couple that has lost connection, or a business leader that needs re-alignment with a partner or a new blue print on how to influence and motivate your team.

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Dating Coaching

Does this sound Familiar?

Are you frustrated with the dating process? Feeling like you can’t attract or find a good partner that aligns with the kind of relationship you want to create?  Feeling like all the good ones are gone? Dating can feel time consuming and like a part-time job. You may be feeling like your ~

  • Losing your confidence

  • Starting to feel hopeless

  • Feeling rejected

  • That you always pick the wrong one

  • That you’re not accurately screening out or vetting these potential partners

  • That you’re getting more anxious about putting yourself out there

  • Worried that you’re going to get hurt

  • Have a hard time opening up and communicating

  • Not sure how to find a partner that aligns with you


This is where I can help! I have 17 years of experience specializing in relationships. I would love to help you enjoy the dating experience.  Here is how I can help.

  • I can help you build your confidence

  • Understand your patterns in relationships. Why you attract certain types of people, what you really want in a partner, your core relationship needs, identify your strengths and deficits.

  • Help you identify red/green flags

  • Help you to stand and align with your values and integrity

  • Help you understand the neurobiology of dating and what’s going on in your brain when you start to fall knee deep for a partner.  This becomes imperative to understand or you will go off “the feelings” rather than the person.

  • Questions to ask on dates to better understand your potential partner

  • Learn effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills

  • Understand and set healthy boundaries

  • Help you create a vision of your ideal relationship, who you have to be to attract this and your deal breakers.

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Couples Coaching

Relationship success is not accidental. There is no such thing as getting lucky with long term relationships that work. On the surface, it may seem like relationship success is just about finding someone compatible, but sooner or later, every relationship faces difficulty. It’s in those moments of struggle that every partner has a path to choose; a path of- self-protection or relationship first.  Every couple, no matter the conflict has the possibility to create a secure relationship, even if your neck-deep in conflict.


What makes couples coaching different from therapy is that our work will focus on your specific goals, co-creation of the kind of relationship you want to create, and an overall vision of your future together, but we won’t work on trauma. I like to think of couples coaching as re-branding your relationship. Couples coaching with me will be a clear process of identifying where you are now in your relationship and co-creating a clear and conscious path forward to create a relationship you both desire. Together we will:

  • Look at your relationship patterns that have caused distress and disconnection.

  • Examine and watch in real time how you are interacting or avoiding each other.

    • Are you able to attune to your partner?

    • Do you gaze lovingly at each other?

    • Do you use eye contact when communicating?

    • Can you read your partners face?

    • Or do you feel constantly dropped, missed, or abandoned by your partner?

    • Do you feel like your too much for your partner to handle? Too emotionally needy?

    • Do you feel like you need more space from your partner? More alone time?

    • Are you constantly triggered by your partner?

    • Do you feel misunderstood? Like you both keep missing each other when you try and communicate?

    • Can you read and tend to your partners non-verbal communication?

  • Do you know your partners core emotional needs? Do you tend to them?

  • Can you see into your partner and understand them?

  • Are you both aware of how you have structured your relationship, and what has held you back from creating an extraordinary relationship you both so desire?

  • Learn how to self regulate and co-regulate

  • Learn and understand the neurobiology of arousal and your brain in relationships.

  • Become good handlers of each other.  Learn to shift, soothe, and repair quickly.

  • Create new daily rituals that create connection.

  • Create written agreements that will govern your relationship (ex. We have each other’s back always, we validate each other feelings always, we don’t talk about our relationship negatively to others, we greet each other first and with good cheer).

  • Create a new vision and path going forward.


Couples that learn together, grow together.

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Business Relationship Coaching

Relationship problems between business partners are a big reason why companies don’t succeed. Partners often bring unique strengths to the business. Trouble can start when these unique differences go from feeling complementary to feeling like liabilities. The way you and your business partners interact creates the culture of your business. Your struggles, conflicts, cooperation and compromises create a workplace culture and it doesn’t just affect the partners, but also affects your staff—from your admin to your sales force—as well as your relationships with clients. Tension at ‘home’ means tension in the field, and that can impact your bottom line.


If you need help managing and negotiating difficult conversations, communicating as an effective leader or managing and leading your team, I can help you. My expertise allows me to quickly hone in on the root issues of your challenges and conflicts, which allows for implementation of solutions and quick transformation. The reality is you spend more time awake and engaged with your business partner than you do with your partner or spouse. The constancy and intensity of that relationship can present issues, conflicts and obstacles every bit as complicated as those found in a romantic relationship. It might seem unorthodox at first, but ‘couples  coaching’ for business partners and founders is exactly what you and your partner need to bring your business to the next level. I help business partners at a foundational level, creating trust and communication necessary to function well together and to ensure your company is reaching its potential.

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